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Your change accelerator

Your change accelerator

Do you want to accelerate your transformation? And avoid wasting a lot of time, money and energy?

Return on Projects is a network company that brings professionals together to improve the management and execution of change in projects and companies.

We operate in various sectors in profit, and non-profit organisations. We provide services to consultancy companies (supply-side) to increase their delivery results, as well as to organisations that run change projects (demand-side) to realise their business objectives.


What we do

Are you looking for best-in-class professionals who enable you to realise your transformation initiatives?

Our network consists of people who are highly experienced and seasoned in their respective specialty areas. What makes us unique, is the ability of our professionals to team up with other experts based on the required skills and expertise. 

We don’t consider ourselves part of line management, project governance or project execution; we basically improve these activities with our extensive experience and knowledge.


Meet our team